Simple Landing Page Optimisation Tips – Page 2

Optimizing your Landing Page

First of all, you need to create a landing page. This need not be fresh for you can use an applicable existing page. The next thing you need to do is carry out A/B testing which is but a testing process to ensure it converts to the practical maximum. How do you do this? A/B testing involves having several different versions of the same page and testing one against another. The testing process comprises making subtle changes to establish what works and what doesn’t.

The monitoring process doesn’t stop after launching the page. Have a Google Analytics account with conversion goals to track and make changes to your landing page. A big indicator of where you lie can be found in the page’s bounce rate: could be that you’re attracting the wrong crowd that’s why the bounce rate is high; but this could also mean the site users are finding their way quickly therefore no need to stay on the page for longer.

However, given landing pages boast a sign-up or other direct call to action button, a high bounce rate may indicate the visitors weren’t interested in your offer and left. Typically, a normal bounce rate of a webpage hovers around 40 percent. If your landing page lacks any other navigation apart from that call to action, this figure can almost double.

Tips to Lower Your Bounce Rate

When it comes to keywords, include relevant anchor text so the user knows what to expect when they follow the link.

Leaving out the navigation bar may be a good idea since it distracts users from the CTA. You could probably include it on the ‘Thank you’ page after all else is done.

Load speed should be the first thing you take care of. Just a one-second delay in load time could lead to a 7 percent loss in conversions. Ensure your landing page has a load speed of under 3 seconds.

If you need to put other links on the site apart from the call to action, those external links should open in a new window. You can do this by setting the link target to ‘_blank’.

Finally, have a simple and attractive format for your landing page which makes it easy to read.

Happy conversion!