4 tips for successful SEO of your e-commerce site

Posted on April 26, 2020 at 11:54 am

4 tips for successful SEO of your e-commerce site


1. Working with UX and conversion
2. Choose the SEO approach of your commercial site
3. Set up SEO actions
4. Add structured product data for rich results


4 tips for successful SEO

The Internet has become the majority distance selling channel, far surpassing other electronic channels (phones, tablets, connected TVs, etc.).

The referencing must make it possible to respond to these new facts and to adapt to the challenges of each type of business. There are different SEO services depending on the typology of the site. For the referencing of an e-commerce site several things must be taken into account.


1. Working with UX and conversion

Selling online is a very specific field, and merchant sites have their own characteristics. The main feature of an online store is to have product (or service) pages, which can quickly number in the hundreds or even thousands.

In addition to solving any technical problems related to the mass of pages, the experts will intervene on the promotion of your main pages.

Indeed, the size of the product catalog does not allow all pages to be worked simultaneously, which is why SEO actions will focus on strategic pages.

What are the elements to integrate into the web visibility strategy? Among the main challenges, three are unavoidable:

Facilitate navigation.
Optimize the internal network.
Turn visitors into customers (that is, work on increasing the conversion rate).

This will improve the UX (user experience) and conversion rate. Because you may be positioned at the top of Google on each of your keywords: If your pages do not convert, you will not trigger any sales.

What are the levers of a professional site to maximize the transformation rate?

  • Efficient ergonomics
  • Functions oriented on “call to action”, that is to say on calls to action (order, book, register, …)
  • Qualitative content.
  • An efficient conversion tunnel with in particular vast payment solutions, simple and intuitive online transactions, an ultra-simplified and consistent shopping cart path.


2. Choose the SEO approach of your commercial site

2 main types of approach according to visitors:

Prospects: visitors looking for a solution to their needs and discovering the site for the first time. The challenge here is to clearly present the products and solutions, to reassure and inspire.

SEO, and more broadly the entire web communication strategy, must therefore focus on acquisition channels.

Customers who already know the site and how it works: personalization, customer account, saving time will be the priority areas to work on.

Ergonomics, navigation and web marketing will be focused on loyalty channels.


3. Set up SEO actions

You can entrust us with some of your e-commerce referencing missions. Our specialized teams intervene for example on the following axes:

  • An audit, to analyze the blocking factors of your e-commerce site
  • Work on strategic pages (categorical pages) and at least 10% of the most important product pages.
  • Actions for the acquisition of qualified traffic via the creation of qualitative textual content (important editorial work: “how to”, “how to choose”, “the best …”, “comparative / tests” sheets, etc.)
  • Improved conversion: increase the conversion rate based on observations on purchasing behavior and an audit of site functionality.
    An audit, to analyze the blocking factors of your e-commerce site


4. Add structured product data for rich results

Structured data (or microdata) is information that allows search engines to better understand your page.

For example, for a product page, they can indicate the price, availability or even the rating of the product.

Caterpillar Boots Mens Search Result

*enriched result produced

Caterpillar Boot Product – Enriched Result

These results can therefore be very useful to improve its CTR (click through rate) in search results.

Indeed, the Internet user already has an idea of ​​what he will find on the page. It will also be easier to convert it.

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