There are a lot of people out there claiming to be paid traffic experts, the truth is most don’t manage large budgets, have experience across all industries or have worked on a large scale. If you expect only the best results, want to grow your business and do it with the lowest possible cost per conversion, then you need to use experts. Our team are experienced Australian experts and manage many accounts across multiple industries and manage millions of spend per year. We also don’t work with any clients who compete with each other so you know we have your best interests in mind.

PPC management is very different for each industry and business, contact us today for a full audit or proposal to take your business to the next level.


Google Adwords

  • Google Adwords is the leader in pay per click for majority of clients, contact our team who are Google partners. We will guide you through the many ways we can utilise Adwords and promote your business quickly.

Microsoft Bing

  • Microsoft Bing is something many companies overlook, they have a great audience, often cheaper clicks and something we recommend considering.

Facebook & Instagram

  • Facebook and Instagram are a valuable paid search partner for many different marketing campaigns, our team of Australian experts will ensure you get exposure to your markets for the best possible price per conversion.

Google YouTube

  • When your brand matters, you want to be seen or looking to promote your videos YouTube is a must have. YouTube is part of the Google network and we will work to have your brand grow.

Our PPC Campaigns Include

A full assessment and proposal with an outline of our offering. We will cover all pricing, terms, conditions and how we will communicate with you and what you should expect over this time.

Proposed Phrases
During our initial talks we will discuss your current position, phrases that you may rank on, potential phrases and areas you would like to grow your business into. We will discuss with you a realistic set of words and phrase which will suit you and your budget as taking on large businesses is at times very expensive. If you rank for phrases such as your name or random words you would need to understand that they may not have the highest search volume or attract the right relevant traffic. Changing your strategy along the way is a key part to growth.
Access To Your Website
To run a paid traffic campaign, we require full access to your website and sometimes your host. We will need access to your social media accounts along with setting up phone call tracking and there will be a fee to use our reporting software that will provide you a real time dashboard with all the analytics you need.
We don’t believe in just sending you a monthly report. Open communication, access to real time live dashboards and constant updates on strategy, business changes and new product discussions are always needed. The more we both understand what is happening, the better we can work together to promote your business and grow your revenue.

What we can do for you:

Manage your presence on search engines

What your customers first see when they find you on Google is imperative to having a successful website and business, being found on search engines is the first big step and the second is appealing to your target audience. We will work with you to work out what that is and use the best wording possible to capture your audience.

Monitor your competitors

We don’t just so the simple and easy tasks of SEO and get you on the front page of search engines and stop there. SEO Empire takes pride on continuously improving your site. We constantly monitor your competitors, market trends and new potential threats or even better new opportunities to keep you ahead of the rest.

Monitor and report on website visits

Each month we will send you a short and simple report which will show your site growth, traffic and new potential competition. Tracking this is an important part of what we do to show you results.

Recommend and manage your budget for paid adverts

When you first make the decision to take your business to the next level and improve your SEO it will usually take 3-4 months to appear on the front page of Google. This can fluctuate but you will spend majority of your time on it until the 5th and 6th months where you will firmly hold your ranking unless something major changes.

Utilising Google Adwords and similar paid adverts we can make your company appear on the front page of Google and other search engines until you organically appear on the home page. We can manage your budget to get you the best results with the minimum spend.

Our process:

We thoroughly review your website, configure search engines, review social media and relevant sites and then recommend a best course of action to secure your spot on the front page of Google.

We will contact you at a minimum each month with an update and let you know what stage we are at.

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