SEO Empire is born

SEO Empire was established in what we believe to fill a void in the SEO industry. With a background in SEO and websites we previously believed the industry was flooded by so-called “SEO experts”. After in-depth market research and talking to multiple companies, we found that many of these were spending good money and getting no results or actually going backward. Many businesses were receiving Google penalties or being wiped off the map when they had not knowingly done anything at fault.

When looking for a reputable SEO company you need to do your research. Every SEO company should have a list of referral companies that are willing to talk to you about their experiences and what increase in business they have seen. After speaking with these people don’t stop there. Open your search engine and search their clients by the services they offer and not their names. You should see them in the search results.

A bad decision in choosing SEO companies can result in your website getting a penalty and to recover from this it can take over six months in some cases. You may drop off the Google places and also in the organic rankings. Saving money when choosing an SEO company is not always the best way forward. You need to compare apples with apples. You need to know how many phrases you will have ranked, how many months it will take if they guarantee your front page results, and what happens if you do not get that front page result.