Do you have any regrets?

Do you have any regrets?

One thing I hear all too often is that I wish I did this, I wish I did that or I so should have done this. The biggest reason why is time.. yet we all go home and sit on the couch, we all sleep longer than we should or need and we just plainly get better at making excuses.

When you build a business and you truly truly want to be successful, one of the first things you will stop doing is making excuses..

There is nothing that cannot be done if you really want it that bad, learn to make sacrifices, work hard, work longer, get rid of toxic people. Just stop making excuses why your life didn’t end up the way it should be.

Most people these days can not get that car they want, not live in that place they want, not go on that holiday they want so they can then go that business loan they need which could end up changing their lives and buy them all the time in the world. Make sacrifices, work harder and surround yourself with amazing people. It will reward you in ways you would never imagine.

We speak to so many people each week with no money to grow their company but turn up to meetings in a 80,000 car or take their family on holidays for 3 weeks.

Go take a risk..

Get out of your comfort zone..

Wipe your blackboard clean..

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