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SEO is evolving and we are highly experienced in Search engine marketing...

Website Design

Designing websites for your company that are not only highly attractive but increase interaction ...

Social Media Management

Social Media management is very time consuming and it is tricky to ensure client engagement....

Semantic Search

Using Google isn’t what it used to be, semantic search is becoming more and more important for websites....


of consumers search for businesses online


billion Google searches per day


of searchers never go past page 1

Why Our Company

SEO Empire are not like all those other companies offering you SEO services that will probably not get you where you deserve to be. We specialise in only one thing SEO….

If your website is out of date, SEO Empire can create you a new website you will love and be able to manage yourself if required. Your company website is the forefront of your business and you need to make it capture your audience and promote it on search engines to ensure you are found first!

Our business is making your business have the latest technology. We constantly upskill our team and ensure your website meets all the latest standards and works across all mobile devices. We offer websites for a small business or large custom ecommerce websites. We host our own servers and the best possible tier 3 data centres and ensure your data is always safe and backed up on a daily basis.  We offer secure sites that accept credit cards, PayPal and soon we will offer Bitcoin gateways.

We are an enthusiastic and passionate team who are driven on your company succeeding. We are all experts in our field with many years of experience in what we offer. SEO Empire consist of full time and contractors which ensures that you always have the desired expertise on what is needed. We love getting your company to the top of search results and increasing your profits as word of mouth is what we have built our reputation and business on.

We aim to grow to become a household name in websites and SEO. We will not lose sight of the bigger picture which is delivering a personal and friendly experience with outstanding websites and services.

We love making your company grow. When your company grows and makes money we are doing our job. We endeavour to always help you in whatever way possible to get your company the most exposure possible to make you highly profitable

Our Services

We are experienced at helping businesses grow. We will work with you to find a solution to take your business to the next level, offering different levels of pricing for difference size businesses.

Social Media is time consuming, tedious and can really damage your reputation if not done correctly. SEO Empire offer social media management packages for all size businesses.

We offer simple Facebook management or the full suite incorporating Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google + and Instagram. Until you see the results from client engagement utilising social media you will not believe it.

A good social media post linking to your company’s blog post can go viral giving you worldwide exposure overnight and growing your company in months. Contact us today to see what we can offer your company. We can manage large corporate pages to assisting you with a strategy and mentoring your staff so they can learn to hold the reins.

Web re marketing is a big part of the way marketing online works. Do you notice more and more the same adverts are following you around social media and Google? This strategy works wonders for your company and helps when we are working on a branding exercise to get your company name seen more and more.
We have designed websites that get over 10,000 visitors a day. All websites are made by us and we don’t buy templates and populate them. Our websites are secure, utilise the latest SEO techniques, plug in’s and meet all requirements from search engines to rank you at number 1.


SEO Empire! Empowering your business to dominate the market!

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