SEO Most Effective Means of Acquiring New Customers, Says Study P2

The 2015 Roadmap

Every new year brings with it new marketing trends. When it comes to marketing though, most often the true and tested methods rock.

This is no different in online business marketing: SEO continues to remain the most powerful tool in this realm, as we’ve already seen.

And with its effectiveness and long-term power confirmed, how can you go about maximising your efforts in 2015?

Here are five things you can do this year and go to bed knowing you’ve done your part:

  1. Map your Strategy to Audience and Competitive Insights
  • Come up with ways of tackling adjacent markets
  • Discover new keywords
  • Look at the things your competition is doing well, and look at ways you can improve
  • Make it a point of understanding what kinds of content are doing well and expand on that
  1. Align Content and SEO Teams

By now you should know your SEO results are dictated by the quality of content you are creating for your audience, right? Content is king is a phrase you’ll often hear in SEO circles, and these two work perfectly with each other.

One way you can achieve this is by having a workflow from content creation all the way to optimisation. A few pointers:

  • Create content that appeals to your audience
  • Disseminate this content effectively for instant search results
  • Exhaust the value of this content across all channels
  1. Prioritise Mobile SEO

If you have noticed, marketing is heading mobile. Responsive websites have never been in better demand, and mobile search has never been this high, with even better mobile days projected.

To give you a better idea, mobile use surpassed desktop use in 2014 and experts say it’s a trend that will continue. It’s an area you can’t afford to ignore anymore, for this will only serve to your detriment.

  1. Measurement and Reporting that Works

If there is one area that poses a headache to marketers as they gauge results, it is data quantification. Metrics can prove intimidating. However, reporting these analytics doesn’t have to be a nightmare.

Rather than try to analyse everything, simplify your data sources to reveal the right information through structured sources of data.

  1. Integrate SEO Data across Teams

Every person involved in a marketing endeavour is on the same team, looking to achieve the same goal. Don’t forget that.

By pooling the collective effort, you will maximise your cross-channel marketing and have a more successful campaign overall.


Having said all of that, now you are thinking.. how can SEO help me? What can I expect from a good SEO company and what would it cost my company?

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