Climbing to the Top of Google Rankings

The ultimate goal of any business that has an online presence is to find themselves in the top Google Rankings. One of those coveted spots that will help them grab the attention of thousands of possible new customers. The only problem that they run into is figuring out how to get into those top-ranking spots. It can seem like an impossible task because no matter how hard they try it doesn’t do them any good. They have a well designed website, maintain a blog, and have keywords splattered throughout both of them. It looks like they are doing everything right, unfortunately, Google rankings are not that simple.

Maintaining a good website and blog are a good start but that’s all they are, a start. It also takes a lot more than throwing around some keywords to get the attention of Google. The greatest challenge to make any movement up Google’s ranks is keeping up with its constantly changing guidelines. Google like any website has to stay updated with the changes in how people consume content online. That means that businesses will have to constantly change their tactics if they ever want to reach the top spot of Google Rankings.

Despite the constantly changing guidelines there are some techniques that will consistently work for businesses to get into the top Google rankings. The first is the most obvious which is to develop keywords that you can use throughout your content that pertain highly to your website. Keyword optimization is very important to ranking your website through Google. By using good keyword density on your website you will be able to draw the attention from the Google searches that you need to be able to get traffic to your website. You shouldn’t depend on just one strategy though.

Cross-linking is also a very important step to take while ranking your website. What is cross-linking you may ask? Cross-linking is the process of linking your key phrases to other pages on the website you are working on. In addition to cross-linking your pages within your website, you should also be sure that any outbound links are to trusted sites. By linking to trusted sites you lend your own website more credibility.

Being able to get ranked number one on Google is not only a challenging task but it is also an ever-changing one. You can’t get ranked at number one on one day and stay there forever. A high Google ranking takes lots of time, effort, and a whole lot of work. The algorithms that Google uses to rank websites in their search engine change often, otherwise everyone would have high rankings and the ranking system would become obsolete.

If you believe you have tried everything, spent too much money trying to get results with organic SEO or lost faith in the company or person you are using for SEO, speak to our team today and we will give you a free on-site assessment and get you ranking (honestly we will)!