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Want to try Snapchat for business? | Page 2

October 3, 2016| No Comments| SEO Empire|

Even Small Business can get in on the ActAs much as big brands like Audi, McDonald’s, Apple, ESPN and more are increasingly finding themselves on the charm offensive, this does not mean it’s exclusively their yard. No. With such high numbers of potential customers increasingly joining and getting addicted to this latest social craze, small businesses too should move in with haste to leverage this powerful marketing tool.But haste here doesn’t mean to jump on the carriage without a ... Read More >>

Why Local SEO should be the focus of small business

July 26, 2016| No Comments| SEO Empire|

Why Local SEO should be the focus of small business Remember the phrase ‘Let your fingers do the walking’? In the business sense that is…Some years back, businesses used to be found easily through phone directories and placing ads on local papers. Oh, weren’t phone directories convenient! Grab a phone directory, look up the name of the business, and voila! – all the details there.Today though, the majority can’t even find a Yellow Pages in their homes while a generation in t... Read More >>

Don’t waste your time on these 3 SEO techniques.

June 15, 2016| No Comments| SEO Empire|

Wondering what are the Best SEO Techniques? Here are 3 you Don’t Want to Waste your Time on this YearIn a bid to rid the web of spammy sites and boost the quality of search results, search engines (read Google) are regularly updating their algorithms. This has affected search engine optimisation in that the strategies and techniques that used to work before are now obsolete, and thus a total waste of time.In fact, practicing a number of them currently can lead to backlash from the peop... Read More >>

Why Choose Organic SEO over Pay Per Click?

March 27, 2016| No Comments| SEO Empire|

When beginning a SEM (search engine marketing) campaign, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed about the difference between PPC and SEO. It is easy to confuse the two, and it can make determining where to invest your marketing budget difficult. The vast majority of internet users will use their most liked search engine when searching for their desired quarry; however, most users do not look past the fifth search result listed. For this reason, SEM plays a large role in your overall marketing approac... Read More >>

Do you have any regrets?

February 3, 2016| No Comments| SEO Empire|

Do you have any regrets?One thing I hear all too often is that I wish I did this, I wish I did that or I so should have done this. The biggest reason why is time.. yet we all go home and sit on the couch, we all sleep longer than we should or need and we just plainly get better at making excuses.When you build a business and you truly truly want to be successful, one of the first things you will stop doing is making excuses..There is nothing that cannot be done if you really want it ... Read More >>