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SEO Empire is born

August 3, 2014| No Comments| SEO Empire|

SEO Empire was established in what we believe to fill a void in the SEO industry. With a background in SEO and websites we previously believed the industry was flooded by so called "SEO experts". After in depth market research and talking to multiple companies we found that many of these were spending good money and getting no results or actually going backwards. Many businesses were receiving Google penalties or being wiped off the map when they had not knowingly done anything at fault.When... Read More >>

What Is Google Bombing And Negative SEO

Google Bowling

July 7, 2014| No Comments| SEO Empire|

What Is Google Bombing And Negative SEO Google and other major search engines have very complex algorithms that study a website in-depth and look for terms, photos, and long descriptions that are relevant to any advertising connected with the URL. In addition, search engines determine the intent of the browsing individual and rank websites according to how well the destination webpage handshakes with the query. Those who seek to lower a competitor's Google ranking often build what ... Read More >>