7 SEO Mistakes Bloggers Should Steer Clear of – P2

Sacrificing Looks for Content

Many bloggers are obsessed with the design of their blogs, and rightfully so. For without an appealing design, most people won’t be drawn to your site. This does not mean to include too many images or graphics though, this will only serve to make it slower.

There are also sites that use sounds and motion from Flash at the expense of page speed. This will not only make it time-consuming for search engines to crawl your pages but also not a worthy trade-off.

Free Hosting Blogs

Free hosting services such as Blogger, TypePad and others can give you a decent enough platform and great value. The downside to using these platforms, however, is they are not flexible enough to allow you to install themes, plugins, plus other extensions you definitely need for superior SEO results.

Keyword Stuffing

This is one of the most common SEO mistakes, and surprisingly many are still practicing it to date. Keyword stuffing is unethical and will get you punished.

Rather than use duplicate or hidden text in your pages, strive to create useful pages properly optimised for your keywords.

Leaving Title Tags Automated

The title tag is one of the most important aspects when it comes to search engine rankings. First, try to limit the title to not more than 60 characters. You can then optimise the title tags. As you do so, you may want to check how popular the keywords you are targeting are. And you can do this using a keyword tool such as Keyword Planner before optimising it.

These SEO goofs may seem basic to you but should not be overlooked. Or better still, you should consider evaluating your blog right away to confirm your overall SEO is on point.