5 Tips to Optimise Your Homepage – Page 2

5 Tips to Optimise Your Homepage

Calls to Action

It can be irritating to know that after all is said, there isn’t a simple and obvious way to do something about it. We’ve all stumbled upon a site that makes it their job to ‘hide’ a phone number or even order a product, the one reason they are there in the first place.

A call to action is an element present on a webpage that elicits the user to take some sort of action, the most popular form coming in the shape of a clickable button that redirects customers to the intended parts of the website where they can accomplish a desired goal.

Color, size, and placement all matter when it comes to call-to-action buttons. Make it visible and easy for everyone.


An image is worth a thousand words they say, and it is upon this basis that we include images as one of the top ways to optimise your homepage.

Include images that rhyme with your product and your offering. Take time to consider what images to include, because the generic-looking business people aren’t good enough.

Clean Design

Ensure your homepage is pleasant to look at. You can include everything we’ve discussed above and still not cut it if your homepage evokes memories of the last century rather than a modern, professional company.

A clean easy-to-navigate homepage is as important as top-notch content.

Take some time to map out how you want your homepage to look and feel. If it’s something you would rather not spend time on, chances are others might just share the same sentiments.