Mentoring Your Staff

Posted on August 27, 2014 at 12:39 pm

All this talk about social media, on and off page SEO, SEM, Websites, Pay per click, semantic search blah blah can get pretty daunting and especially if you have a staff member who has just started doing it for your company. There is nothing more daunting for someone than to be given the reins of the social media wagon and told to go.

This person may have no or little experience, not be properly trained in the past or not know enough about your company to even start. Once they have some idea running a full schedule with daily updates, tracking, reporting and client engagement can get pretty full on at times.

SEO Empire offering mentoring services in which we work with your company remotely to help them learn the ways of social media, SEO and all things related to digital marketing.

The online world changes so rapidly that you will want to ensure your staff are kept up to date with the latest knowledge and trends. We read daily about everything happening in the world of marketing and relay the relevant information on to your staff.

As a business owner we understand that you might want to up skill your own staff, keep the skills in house or not have the budget to be able to pay a company to run everything for you. This can help you be more reactive to your clients, get information out faster and get you more in touch with your audience.

Staff love learning and we love teaching you the tricks of the trade. We have experience working with juniors to CEO’s who want to become more savvy with social media and online marketing.

SEO Empire can customise a strategy just for your business or skill levels. Contact us today for more information!