Blog Writing Services Melbourne

Posted on August 27, 2014 at 12:40 pm

Blog writing services melbourne

SEO Empire have professional content writers based in Melbourne who provide all different services for your company. We offer such products as Blog writing services, article writing, social media commentating and annual report documentation services.

Blog writing is a very important part of your website, SEO and communicating with your current and potential clients. When a blog is written that is informative, interesting, fun or educational many people interact with it. on your website you can start a conversation, share it on social media and get more shares or comments and it is also a great way to get feedback from clients and followers.

You quickly learn if you are writing about things that your customers want to hear about by the number of page visits, social media shares and comments on your site.

We offer a different range of packages from 1 simple 400 word blog to articles delivered daily or posted on your websites blog or social media.

Our content writers always research their topic before posting and if they are not passionate about that one subject we use a different person to ensure that what you are getting reflects excitement, knowledge and understanding of the topic at hand.

Important things to do when writing a blog:

Pick a topic and stick to it.

Pick a topic and stick to it, don’t carry on and start going off track. When you write about a topic or subject, you want to keep to the topic as that is what the person came to your blog or website to read about. If you have topic that is a big subject, consider breaking it down into 3 or 4 different blogs in a 3 or 4 part series.

Write normally, not like its a whitepaper or corporate document.

Users read blogs to learn and educate themselves, discuss an opinion or to teach others. Write as if you are having a discussion and don’t go crazy trying to use big words to prove a point or look clever, you will quickly lose someone.

Refer to documents or websites that you talk about.

When you are talking about a topic put a link to the site you are talking about, the source of the information or proof of what you are saying. People like to trust someone and this is a great way of doing it. You also give credit to the person who wrote the information that you are referring to.

Never quote or link to Wikipedia, this is written by many different people and not always right.

Include pictures.

We all love pictures, as the old saying goes, pictures tell a thousand words. Instead of describing something, show a picture of what you are talking about, create a graph to highlight your point or make it fun. People will be more inclined to share pictures and graphs.
Reply to comments.

Things to Avoid:

Trying to keep it short

Write whatever you want, as long as it is on topic and keeping to the point. People are more than happy to read long blogs. You just need to keep it interesting.

Spelling mistakes

No one likes spelling mistakes, comments pointing out spelling mistakes or people laughing at bad grammar never goes down too well and makes the reader not happy or want to keep reading.


There is enough of this in the world without reading a blog with negativity in it. Keep it fun, informative and easy to read.