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How to Generate Backlinks – Complete SEO Guide for 2020

How to generate backlinks guide

December 31, 2019| No Comments| SEO Empire|

How to Generate Backlinks - Complete SEO Guide for 2020   Are you looking to improve your SEO and appear in the first results of Google on your strategic keywords? Creating content optimised for SEO is not enough. You have to generate backlinks.   We will explain in detail the fundamentals of backlink building, why it is essential, how it works and where to start. Discover all our methodological advice to generate backlinks and improve your SEO!   We like to... Read More >>

How much does SEO cost in Australia? Our detailed study

How Much Does SEO Cost In Australia

December 27, 2019| No Comments| SEO Empire|

How much does SEO cost in Australia? Our detailed study To know the price of an SEO service, and to verify that your proposed offer is genuine and they are able to deliver, we offer a simple evaluation method, based on studies we have carried out with stand alone freelancers and agencies.  We will give you SEO pricing ideas, which depend on the number of pages on your site and the industry you are in.  To know the number of pages, type in google "site:" (for example, for ... Read More >>

Don’t waste your time on these 3 SEO techniques.

June 15, 2016| No Comments| SEO Empire|

Wondering what are the Best SEO Techniques? Here are 3 you Don’t Want to Waste your Time on this Year In a bid to rid the web of spammy sites and boost the quality of search results, search engines (read Google) are regularly updating their algorithms. This has affected search engine optimisation in that the strategies and techniques that used to work before are now obsolete, and thus a total waste of time. In fact, practicing a number of them currently can lead to backlash from the peop... Read More >>

Why Choose Organic SEO over Pay Per Click?

March 27, 2016| No Comments| SEO Empire|

When beginning a SEM (search engine marketing) campaign, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed about the difference between PPC and SEO. It is easy to confuse the two, and it can make determining where to invest your marketing budget difficult. The vast majority of internet users will use their most liked search engine when searching for their desired quarry; however, most users do not look past the fifth search result listed. For this reason, SEM plays a large role in your overall marketing approac... Read More >>

Simple Landing Page Optimisation Tips – Page 2

January 20, 2016| No Comments| SEO Empire|

Optimizing your Landing Page First of all, you need to create a landing page. This need not be fresh for you can use an applicable existing page. The next thing you need to do is carry out A/B testing which is but a testing process to ensure it converts to the practical maximum. How do you do this? A/B testing involves having several different versions of the same page, and testing one against another. The testing process comprises making subtle changes to establish what works and what doesn... Read More >>