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Simple Landing Page Optimisation Tips – Page 1

January 20, 2016| No Comments| SEO Empire|

Simple Landing Page Optimization Tips you Should Definitely Try outAccording to the Associated Press, you only have 8 seconds to capture your visitor’s attention. In today’s world, everyone is busy with their own schedules – to add to the barrage of media information they are consuming – and this is why they don’t have time to waste on a landing page that is taking ages to load.The landing page is a very important component of your marketing campaign. It is here that you create... Read More >>

SEO Tips to Consider while Launching a New Website

January 13, 2016| No Comments| SEO Empire|

SEO Tips to Consider while Launching a New WebsiteIt’s always exciting to launch a new website, but on the other hand, it can prove a hair-pulling, nail-biting endeavor. It’s a common practice by businesses to redo their website for various reasons including making them more visually appealing and enlarging the site.At times though, the process of building and launching a new site can impact on Google rankings and hinder user experience. Most businesses that market their products or ... Read More >>

5 Tips to Optimise your Homepage – Page 1

January 4, 2016| No Comments| SEO Empire|

5 Tips to Optimise your HomepagePicture this…Your SEO strategy is out of this world. Your marketing plan is right on point. People are learning about your business and product(s). They are streaming into your website, and finally, that feeling of success is starting to dawn on you. The leads are finally coming! All that time spent strategising and planning as you burn the midnight oil is eventually paying off.With traffic now getting to your website, are you certain the homepage layout... Read More >>

5 Tips to Optimise your Homepage – Page 2

January 3, 2016| No Comments| SEO Empire|

Calls to ActionIt can be irritating to know that after all is said, there isn’t a simple and obvious way to do something about it. We’ve all stumbled upon a site that makes it their job to ‘hide’ a phone number or even order a product, the one reason they are there in the first place.A call to action is an element present on a webpage that elicits the user to take some sort of action, the most popular form coming in the shape of a clickable button which redirects customers to the... Read More >>

Small Business Should Use Melbourne SEO Services

September 22, 2015| No Comments| SEO Empire|

Why Small Business Should Use Local Melbourne SEO ServicesMore and more every day, owners of small businesses are becoming interested in the concept of localised Melbourne SEO. The reason for this is that as the Internet grows and evolves, search engines are becoming better and better at determining the intentions of any given search query. This means that results can be far better pinpointed and tailored to the needs of the seeker. In this article, we will discuss the many good reasons sm... Read More >>