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SEO Most Effective Means of Acquiring New Customers, Says Study

September 22, 2015| No Comments| SEO Empire|

Search engine optimisation. These are words that every website is privy to today. They have literally changed the world as we know it.Without them, Google would not be the company it is today. Without them, many businesses would not be where they are today: making the sales they make; existent of businesses for the prime purpose of selling what the service stands for. Without them, marketing would be a different ballgame altogether. Without them, the millionaires attributing their wealth to ... Read More >>

Do’s and Don’t’s of Off-site SEO

July 22, 2015| No Comments| SEO Empire|

In this article we will discuss what you’re able to do to improve your position in the search engines through platforms other than your own site. It’s where you really can struggle if you aren’t careful. Most spammy methods still are broadly used, yet may get your website banished into obscurity. Do's: Social MediaIt has become the centerpiece of an efficient strategy for off-page SEO. On Twitter, as an additional user retweets a post, the social signal is sent back to the search eng... Read More >>

Do’s & Don’t’s of On-Site SEO

June 29, 2015| No Comments| SEO Empire|

On-page search engine optimization is well-known as the base of any project with SEO. No matter how well you’re performing your Off-page search engine optimization for your website, if your website’s On-page SEO isn’t properly done you won’t get the desired result. Besides Google has begun to close all of the doors of building links and providing more value to the design and content. As both design and content are aspects of on-page search engine optimization you have to provide more val... Read More >>

SEO in 2015 – What is Google Really Looking For?

June 22, 2015| No Comments| SEO Empire|

Google, in general, is searching for a site which is simple to use, offers high value to its customers, and is linked or shared to from outer sources.In 2015 What Search Engine Optimization Best Practices are going to be hot?Nowadays, the Web is a big factor in how marketing is done, and keeping up with the most recent trends in SEO is essential to keeping a marketing edge. It’s due to traditional push marketing being replaced with more cost-effective strategies of inbound marketing su... Read More >>

User Metrics: The New Secret to Ranking in Google

June 13, 2015| No Comments| SEO Empire|

In the past Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialists have focused their online efforts in creating keyword driven content and increasing their link-building strategies. While it’s important to ensure that you build relevant backlinks with other businesses in related niches, SEO specialists have essentially ignored the importance of user metrics and their role in Google’s ranking algorithm.What Are User Metrics?User metrics are a set of standard metrics that help Google better und... Read More >>