May 2015

Responsive Website Design, huh? – Page 2

May 12, 2015| No Comments| SEO Empire|

What are other companies doing? This serves to implant a few ideas in your mind and push-start your site creation. You don’t have to confine your ‘shopping’ to your own industry only. Other industries can give you unique ideas too. A visible phone number Google Mobile Playbook goes on to say that 48 percent of mobile searches end up calling a store, with 29 percent making a purchase. This shows you how important having a visible phone number coupled with a click to call function r... Read More >>

Responsive Website Design, huh?

May 12, 2015| No Comments| SEO Empire|

Responsive Design, huh? Here is a List of Best Practices for Mobile Optimized Websites Responsive design. It’s a term anyone interested in the field of computer technology has certainly come upon at one time or another. Responsive design has been around for a few years now, but it’s not until around 2013 that it came to a peak. This was no surprise; if anything, the concept is even behind its time. See, we’ve been using mobile devices to access the Internet for well over a decade now... Read More >>