March 2015

Arnold Schwarzenegger shows why he is truly amazing

March 24, 2015| No Comments| SEO Empire|

Arnold Schwarzenegger shows why he is truly amazing when he steps in using social media to help a struggling boy in the gym.. Do you sometimes feel like this in business?The Governator is not just a celebrity, nor was he just a governor but also an outright awesome person supporting total strangers in achieving their goals and dreams.Recently a boy took to Reddit to vent his frustration about being mocked and teased for trying to improve himself at the gym. It's sad we still live in a w... Read More >>

Yoast SEO Plugin – Critical Vulnerability – Update Now

March 12, 2015| No Comments| SEO Empire| |

This morning (11th March 2015) there was an update released for the famous Yoast Plug in for WordPress. This applies to both free and paid versions.More details are to follow but Yoast have highly recommended to update your Yoast plugin asap due to a security issue.Pretty much this floor allows hackers to take control of your WordPress site.The technical information:There was a CSRF issue that allowed a blind SQL injection. This means that a hacker could hack into your database a... Read More >>

2015, The Year of Mobile Search

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March 11, 2015| No Comments| SEO Empire|

Yes, again. We’ve been hearing about the Year of Mobile Search for years now. So, what prompts this ingemination? Simple. It is this year that mobile search is projected to reach the tipping point, according to an eMarketer report released in December.What’s this tipping point we are talking about?This is the year that mobile search is expected to finally surmount traditional desktop/laptop search trend in terms of, wait for it – organic traffic, majority of spend, and paid clicks.... Read More >>