October 2014

Climbing to the Top of Google Rankings

Google Ranking Factors

October 27, 2014| No Comments| SEO Empire|

The ultimate goal of any business that has an online presence is to find themselves in the top Google Rankings. One of those coveted spots that will help them grab the attention of thousands of possible new customers. The only problem that they run into is figuring out how to get into those top ranking spots. It can seem like an impossible task because no matter how hard they try it doesn't do them any good. They have a well designed website, maintain a blog, and have keywords splattered through... Read More >>

Google Penguin 3.0 – Officially released

October 20, 2014| No Comments| SEO Empire|

Google’s penguin has once again created waves by putting an end to all the rumors and talk over the last few months. Google admitted that last Friday they updated it’s filter and it is supposedly targeting sites with spammy links even though we have seen sites that had lots of bad back links, spammy links or bad on page SEO recover quite a bit.Some of the recoveries have left us quite stumped so we are testing and diving in to find out the real reason they have jumped up ten pages in som... Read More >>

The future of SEO in 2015

October 6, 2014| No Comments| SEO Empire|

Have you enjoyed your SEO ride in 2014? Did you enjoy the changes and learning or was it a bumpy one that you won’t forget and don’t want again?Well here at SEO Empire we thought we would throw out there our thoughts, opinions and what we are planning for. We have clients for some of the hardest phrases around (Including our own site), along with beating the ACCC and ATO for one client. We have certainly been kept on our toes but we love it, we came out on top and every update we were pr... Read More >>