August 2014

What is SEO really about?

August 3, 2014| No Comments| SEO Empire|

SEO has evolved a drastic amount over the last 5 years with the recent confirmation from Google advising that keywords are no longer what they used to be. SEO needs to be looked at from a totally different perspective if you wish to have good rankings for the long term. You need to imagine the perfect site that runs fast, no errors, no dead links, no missing pictures, no duplicate content and so on. Today SEO is all about the users experience. The better your site, the easier it is for a user to... Read More >>

Do i need social media for SEO rankings?

August 3, 2014| No Comments| SEO Empire|

We are often asked the question "do I need social media for SEO rankings?" In short the answer is yes. Search engines not only want to know that your site meets their guidelines and you have relevant content but also that you have client interaction. Some of the best ways to see this is through social media. Though sites such as Google +, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest we can see interaction rates, likes, reposts, retweets and so on. They can see the number of people who like your posts, pages ... Read More >>

SEO Empire is born

August 3, 2014| No Comments| SEO Empire|

SEO Empire was established in what we believe to fill a void in the SEO industry. With a background in SEO and websites we previously believed the industry was flooded by so called "SEO experts". After in depth market research and talking to multiple companies we found that many of these were spending good money and getting no results or actually going backwards. Many businesses were receiving Google penalties or being wiped off the map when they had not knowingly done anything at fault.When... Read More >>